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Blooming Park

In a world of many paths,
Wise Counsel Services
gives space for you to discover your purposed direction.

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The Sea Floor


Deciding to get support and assistance on our path is not always easy. Maybe family concerns, life transitions, past painful events, or even planning for the future has brought you to this place.

I am so proud of you for your decision to start this piece of the journey. Together we will work towards whole person wellness. 

Know that there might be slight discomfort when trying something new like therapy. It is my hope that the life you envision for yourself will give you the strength to face your past and embrace the future. Together we will create a safe and courageous space for you to develop skills, organize your thoughts, get in touch with your feelings, and engage your faith.

Therapy is not me leading you or giving you advice. Therapy is making room for discovery, insight, awareness, and progress. You belong here. You matter here. 

Welcome to Wise Counsel Services.

Wise Counsel Services LLC offers mental health therapy, training, and consultation services. Therapy has a faith-based emphasis for clients that welcome spirituality into their treatment journey.


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